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Dignity - Freedom - Security.

The significance of these words takes on new meaning when the responsibility of caring for an elder is concerned. They are also important when choosing where that elder is going to live.

At Harris Health Centers, the staff is committed to caring. They use, "A Recipe for Happiness," and it shows. From help with choosing the right food for a sensitive stomach, to help with the selection of a birthday card for a grandchild.

When the discussion leads to more delicate subjects such as money and health, you will find Mr. Harris easy to talk to; he's been caring for the family for over 30 years.

Special Attention - for Everybody.

It should come as no surprise that Mr. Harris has personally assembled the staff at Harris Health Centers. All staff members share similar qualities: experience, compassion, understanding, patience and selflessness.

Long hours and hard work are secondary concerns when one is practicing "A Recipe for Happiness." The staff is rewarded for their extra effort by seeing the smiling faces at dinner and knowing everybody is safely tucked in at bedtime.

Everyone has special needs. It might be a second bowl of ice cream or some help getting the day started. To meet these needs, Harris Health Centers maintains a very high staff to a resident ratio. This means more attention to the details that sometimes get overlooked in a larger setting. It also means simply more time and attention to each individual. Including the staff. Mr. Harris has regular reviews with his staff to make sure they are taken care of - so they can respond to the residents' needs with loving care.


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